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Blue Tiger Eye Heart

Blue Tiger Eye Heart

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Tiger Eye is a beautiful and unique gemstone that is known for its striking appearance and powerful metaphysical properties. It is a type of quartz that exhibits a chatoyant effect, which means that it reflects light in a way that creates a band of light across its surface. This band is often described as looking like a tiger's eye, hence the name.

In terms of its metaphysical properties, Tiger Eye is believed to be a powerful grounding stone that can help to balance and harmonize the body and mind. It is also said to be a stone of protection, providing a shield of energy that can help to ward off negative energy and promote feelings of safety and security.

Tiger Eye is also thought to be a stone of courage and confidence, helping to boost self-esteem and promote a sense of inner strength and power. It is often used by those who are looking to overcome fears and anxieties, or who are seeking to step into their own power and take charge of their lives.

Overall, Tiger Eye is a unique and powerful gemstone that offers a wide range of metaphysical benefits. Whether you are looking for protection, grounding, courage, or simply a beautiful and unique stone to add to your collection, Tiger Eye is definitely worth considering.

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