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Welcome to Crystal Envisions Nz

We provide a wide range of Natural Crystals from all around the World & high quality New Zealand Gemstones,

 including Pounamu & Goodletite

We have a beautiful retail store in the heart of Hokitika

Why choose us?

Our mission is to provide affordable crystals for all aspects of life from handmade jewellery, crystal products, home decor and to educate individuals on crystal healing properties 

Feel inspired by our carefully curated range of handmade crystal jewellery, crystals, giftboxes and home decor

5 Star 10/10 fabulous! I absolutely love the knotted rope cradle/necklace all in one piece. It's sturdy and durable and feels very safe.. makes me feel happy wearing a big chunk of raw Herkimer Diamond! Love it and have had many people asking what it is. 

So very happy with everything I get from you. Tend to be a little like a kid in a lolly shop when my parcels arrive! Thankyou so much. Repeat customer many times over ... Heartfelt thanks and regards

Kerry Ford
5 Star 10/10 fabulous!

Quick service lovely products thank you from the South Island to the north two days rural delivery 🚚

Dottie Tash-Hunt Ta
Quick Service

I love my box of Crystals. Super quick delivery. Thank you 💜

Sally Williams
Standard Crystal Giftbox

Thank you so much!!! This is the most amazing advent calender, which is my 15 yr old daughters Christmas present.... she is so stoked and can't wait for the 1st December. I did do a sneaky look at some of the contents, and am very impressed with the beautiful quality!

Thank you so very much!

Stacey Jeffrey
Wooden Crystal Christmas Advent Calendar

Jasmine's Story

Challenging times in my early 20's lead to the beginning of what Crystal Envisions Nz is today

I have always been fascinated with crystals after growing up going to the Nelson markets every Saturday with my grandad who sold fossils and other crystal items.

The passion has continued all these years and I'm so humbled to be able to open a store and work with my favorite minerals every day

I am obsessed with the way minerals are formed & all the beautiful stones we can find here in our beautiful backyard of New Zealand.

In recent years I have been studying and collecting one of New Zealand  & the worlds rarest gemstone, Goodletite, the only place in the world it's found is right here in little Hokitika.

A colourful metamorphic rock, found in glacial moraines and river deposits over a 20x20 km area. Goodletite is composed of Ruby, Sapphire & Tourmaline crystals in an emerald green Fuchsite. It is 1000 times rarer than Diamond, It surely is a spectacular gemstone!

With love,


We have a beautiful retail store situated in Hokitika, West Coast


23 Tancred Street, Hokitika

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Monday - Thursday

10.30am - 3pm

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